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Image Expo: Becky Cloonan and Andy Belanger Terrorize The Stars in “Southern Cross” →



by James Johnston

Just announced at Image Expo, “Batman” artist Becky Cloonan and “Kill Shakespeare” illustrator Andy Belanger are teaming up for “Southern Cross”: a horror story that has its eyes set on the sci-fi genre.

After Alex Braith’s sister is reported dead on a Saturn’s moon Titan,…

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Samia Halaby

In the ’80s Halaby became a pioneer carrying out experiments that merged art with technology. She indeed wrote programs to create digital moving paintings and also incorporated sounds in them through an Atari Amiga.

The computer assumed a central role in her kinetic paintings, though Halaby didn’t use it as a pencil or a brush to imitate painting, but as the medium. Halaby’s computer program joined sound and graphic commands, which she used to produce kinetic paintings by playing the keyboard.

She often played live performances using the program accompanied by two musicians known as the Kinetic Painting Group. This open collective of artists allowed her to work with a variety of musicians, dancers, poets, and story tellers, and create multi-media performances. (via)

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youre gonna look so godamn cool

I don’t think you have a firm grasp on death or hell

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